Top Spanish Foods to Try in Malaga

Gastronomy in Malaga

The gastronomy of Malaga is influenced by the Mediterranean diet. It is full of fresh fishes, legumes, olive oil, fruits and wines. They produce a lot of products locally, which make the dishes taste fresh and tasty. Some typical ones you’d like to try are:

Gazpachuelo Malagueno:

Malaga top 10 foods

This is one of the most popular soups in Malaga. The recipe has come down from the fishermen of El Palo. It was initially a poor man’s dish made of fish, water, potatoes, salt, wine vinegar and mayonnaise. With time, it started getting added with shrimps, clams and langoustines. Unlike tomato gazpacho, this soup is consumed warm and is best for winters. It is usually served with boiled eggs and toast.

Plato de Los Montes de Malaga:

Malaga typical foods
Plato de Los Montes de Malaga, photo Credit

it is translated as the ‘dish of mountains in Malaga’. It is also referred to the combination plate. This means that it is a proper meal with numerous items added in one. This usually includes fried eggs and potatoes, chorizo, morcilla, Manteca colora. If you order one of this, you would be more than full for a lunch!

Porra Antequerana:

best Tapas in Malaga Spain

this is a cold tomato-based soup, similar to gazpacho. Water is not added but bread is used to thicken up. It is topped with chopped boiled eggs, hams and tuna.

Fritura Malaguena:

top Malaga foods
Boquerones al Limon, these are fried anchovies marinated in lemon.

fried fishes are a treat at Malaga, but the trick is to have it properly fried! This is one of the best forms of fried fishes which can be tried when you’re sipping a drink by the beach.


malaga spain cuisine
Sardines slowly grilled on sticks

This is a highly recommended dish if you like to eat fish. These are sardines which are roasted, fried or skewered.  The skewered ones that are cooked by the fire have a very nice smokey and salty flavour. This dish is mostly available by the beaches and not in the city centre.

Tarta Malaguena:

malaga desserts

this is a cake made of almonds and sweet wine of Malaga. It is added with apricot jam and topped with raisins and sliced almonds.

Ensalada Malaguena:

top foods in Andalucia
Ensalada Malaguena, photo credit

this is a perfect cold potato salad made with salt cod, green olives, onions and oranges. This is a different type of salad from the regular potato salads you might have tasted in Spain. It is perfect as a starter during spring and summer.

Almendras Fritas:

top foods to try in malaga spain
Fried almonds sold on the street

this area is known for Marcona almonds. These are sold on streets in the historic town. They go great with cheese and wine.


typical foods in Malaga Spain
Ajoblanco Soup with Moscatel grapes

this is the typical and traditional soup which was popular before tomato gazpacho. It was brought in by the Moors before tomatoes were even available here! It is made of almonds and white garlic. It is added with olive oil and topped with Moscatel grapes.


top spanish foods in Malaga

this cold salad is famous all over Andalusia. It is made with green peppers, red pepper, onion, tomatoes, tuna, olive and sea salt. This is perfect to taste during hot summers!

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