Top 6 Beaches in the City of Malaga

Malagueta Beach

top beaches in malaga
Malagueta Beach skyline view

This is one of the best beaches in Malaga which is situated adjacent to the neighborhood, of the same name. It is lined with children’s playgrounds, shops, bars, and restaurants, so you have it all at your fingertips. You get here on foot from the city centre, as it is just a walk away. This beach is usually crowded with locals and bustles during the summer months. The size of the beach is about 1.2km long and 45m wide, and it fits in heavy crowds, making it pretty popular compared to the rest. This beach was the first to offer the new lifesaving device. It is called the Punto Naranja and its operation has started from April 2014.

La Caleta Beach

best beaches in malaga
La Caleta beach handicap ramp
quiet beaches in malaga
La Caleta Beach

This is a popular beach at Malaga, lying on the Pablo Picasso promenade, and between the beaches of Playa de la Malagueta and Baños del Carmen. This is about 1km long and about 20m wide, and is popular with locals running, cycling or playing beach volleyball. There is a mini outdoor gym for working out too. The beach is cleaned every day and is known to have the neatest area.

San Andres Beach

malaga top beach
tall tower in the San Andres Beach

This beach has historic significance and is ingrained in the city’s past. It was the spot of execution of the General Torrijos, Boyd and more revolutionaries in 1831. This tragic event is commemorated at Plaza de la Merced. At present, this beach looks like any other beach and is increasingly popular. There are playgrounds for children, grass areas to sit and relax, and all other amenities you’d need. The 650m of sand in length and 50m in breadth is dark in color. People like to indulge in some local delights around.

El Candado Beach

quiet beaches near malaga
sunbeds in el Candado Beach in Malaga

This is an exclusive beach linked to the Club Náutico El Candado and El Candado marina. This is just 200m in length and 30m wide. This beach is occupied with people who want to keep away from the crowd. Since it is not too big, most people look for alternatives. You do get served with some gourmet traditional dishes around, and the food is little less pricey too.

Playa de Pedregalejo (Pedregalejo Beach)

quiet beach malaga
fishing boat in Pedregalejo beach

Pedregalejo is considered to be the most happening neighborhood at Malaga. It looks clean, feel traditional and the locals are friendly. This beach is one of the best-preferred beaches by foreign travelers, and the get to see a cosmopolitan atmosphere around! The beach homes several bars and restaurants and they offer amazing seafood. The seafront at Pedregalejo is famous for their nightlife. Monday nights happen to be the busiest as they have ‘ladies’ night’ in most bars and clubs. The beach is about 1.2km long and 20m wide.

Peñon del Cuervo Beach

secluded beach in malaga
Rocks in the Penon del Cuervo Beach

The Penon or the rock happens to be a famous landmark in the city. This juts out into the sea and is visible from numerous spots around. This beach is popular with young people and organizes several summer parties, barbeques and is always active with beach and water sports. There is a large area for picnicking and that is where you get the barbeque done. There are proper facilities, from parking to eating joints, so groups of people can spend an entire day here. The beach is about 450m in length and 25m in breadth. There is a cement factory at the back, making the accessibility a little troublesome, so you have to locate a tunnel which leads you from the back of factory to the beach.

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