Holidays and Festivals in Malaga

Semana Santa (Easter)

The Easter time marks the Holy Week which has been a traditionally important event, dating back from the age of Christian monarchs. Semana Santa is the most significant festival in Malaga, and it is in practice for over 500 years now. Since 1965 it was declared to be a tourist’s interest, and a lot of travellers fly in here during this time. There is a huge procession on the main day and all the people dress up in traditional attire. The walk is followed by heavy feasting and street performances. The city is beautifully lit up, and gives one of the best Easter experiences ever.

Procession of the Kings

This takes place on the 5th and 6th of January and is a very important festival all over Spain. The arrival of the Three Wise Men is celebrated and brightens up the end of Christmas. There are three men in disguise who distribute gifts to kids from street to street. This parade starts from the city centre and goes through the Paseo del Parque and ends at Ayuntamiento. After the event, there are singers, dancers and musicians who perform to folk music.

Malaga Carnival

The multi-cultural ethnicity of the city makes this event pretty colourful. It is celebrated just before Lent starts, since the Lent period goes low on any sort of party and celebration. The streets are filled with numerous locals who perform musical gigs and dance. The street bands called Murga, bring in the most attractive performances. They procession goes from Esperanze Bridge and end at La Malagueta beach. The ‘burial of sardine’ takes place here and marks the end of the event.

All Saints Day

This is another event which takes places in most places of Spain. 1st of November, marks the national holiday when this event takes place. This day, everybody pays homage to the departed family members and relatives. People go to the cemeteries with flowers and candles, and the churches hold special mass for this occasion.

The Night of Saint Juan

This is known to be the most surreal night at Malaga. The celebrations are held by the beaches along with bonfires. Friends and families gather together and sit around the fire. A lot of people jump into the fire and then jump out again. This is done to follow a traditional belief of cleansing their sins.

Malaga Fair

There is a yearly fair at Malaga which lasts for a week. The fair celebrates the victory of the city by two monarchs. It starts from the third Saturday of August and goes onto the next Sunday. People gather on the streets with numerous paper decorations, lanterns, etc. They wear traditional clothes and dance flamenco on the roads. Traditional Andalusian tunes are played as they dance in their dance form of Sevillanas.

Andalusia Day

This day marks the autonomy of the region, which is why the celebrations occur. Every year on the 28th of February, people celebrate by putting an Andalusian flag on their terrace and enjoy a traditional breakfast too. A slice of bread topped with olive oil and a glass of orange juice are two most important things to consume. It is a holiday for the entire region of Andalusia and people rejoice their independence.

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