Top Spanish Foods to Try in Cordoba

The Mediterranean kitchen is fully represented within all restaurants and cafes spread over the city. Spanish people know how to cook, and there are some specialities that will not fail to tickle your taste buds.Here is a list of food to try while you are in Cordoba:

  • Churros with chocolate
    I case you didn’t know; churros are a fried-dough pastry typically combined with a flavorful chocolate sauce consumed in the early morning hours (along with a very strong cup of excellent espresso of course) It’s something commonly eaten in southern countries, but if you’re from higher up you’ve probably never had a chance of tasting them. Churros are something incomparable to any other breakfast resting in your knowledge, so definitely step into a local café or lunch room and try a few of these mouthwatering local indulgences.
  • Tapas
    One of the most recognisable Spanish food habits is sitting around a table with loads of friends and family, picking from the variety of different foods, oils and drinks widely spread out on the table. Experience a mini version of this phenomenon by placing yourself on a terrace in the late after hours of a warm summer day, and order a nice place of tapas. Not only does this give you the chance to let different kinds of aromas massage the edges of your tongue, but you also experience the cosiness of eating food together in a warm delightful atmosphere, sharing the joy of eating together.
  • Salmorejo (Gazpacho)
    This dish might be more recognisable to most people. Simply explained, Salmorejo is a kind of soup, but not the warm and comforting one we crave after a long winter day. It’s made of fresh ingredients and will be served chilled. Salmorejo can be made with a variety of ingredients but you can always sense an after taste of the finest section of olive oil, garlic and peppers. Other ingredients that are used regularly are fresh ripe tomatoes and bread.
  • Tortilla Española (Spanish Omelet)
    Don’t assume that they will serve you “normal” tortillas filled with beans and rice when ordering this dish off the menu, Tortilla Españolas are something completely different than from what you’re used to. This typical Spanish dish would fit the description of cake actually a lot better! It looks like a cake but borrows the taste from a potato omelette. You can find them in any bar and they are a great way to start the beginning of your daily routine in Spain.
  • Paella
    You’ve probably already had paella once in your life but believe me; nothing comes close to the real thing. Spanish people are masters in preparing this dish and you’ll find some of the best variations of this seafood enriched rice delicacy here in the city of Cordoba.
  • Calamares and croquettes
    These fried foods may not sound as culinary or sophisticated as some other dishes mentioned on this list. However, this doesn’t make the taste of these deep fried crunchy specialities any less significant. Perfectly suited for grabbing as a quick snack or enjoying next to a freshly brewed Spanish beer, these local treats will probably make your mouth water. Calamares consist of squid rings covered by dough, while croquettes are made out of a base of different kinds of cheeses, and béchamel. Sometimes ham is also added, but if you’re a vegetarian; meatless options are almost always available. Once again, this speciality can be enjoyed at almost any local restaurant or café.
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