Alcazar of Cordoba

The Alcazar of Cordoba Region

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos also known as  The Alcazar of Cordoba  that lies north east of Seville and north of Malaga is a picturesque, surreal location.  It is an area of outstanding beauty.  Less than 2 hours by car, and approximately 158km from Malaga, it is a tourist attraction.  If you want a day away from sunning yourself on the sun kissed Costa del Sol you will not be disappointed when you visit this region.

Overview of the Cities Historic Attractions

The historic city of Córdoba has so many beautiful attractions to offer you.  The Mosque-Cathedral and the Palace of the Christian Kings originally date back to the 8th century.  The latter is referred to as the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos.  It means Castle of the Christian Monarchs.

Why not stroll round the Guadalquivir River, and or the winding streets of the ancient old town centre.  The Roman, Arabic and Christian buildings of Cordoba are amazing.  You will find the gardens are beautiful, with fountains, ponds, aromatic plants, conifers and palm trees, where you can rest and have a picnic, or simply just sit and relax.

History of the Palace

The remains of the Palace date back to the 8th century.  In 1328 Alfonso XI, had the Islamic Palace buildings erected, on the remains of the old site.  Monarchs held court in this building for 160 years.  During the Spanish inquisition from 1542 to 1834 the Fortress was used as a civil and military jail.

The Cathedral Mosque

The Mezquite Mosque and Cathedral is the largest mosque and temple in the world.  It has approximately 1.5 million visitors per year and is one of Spain’s most famous buildings.  The building that now stands was built in 1786.  Over the years various extensions took place and in 1238 it became a Catholic Cathedral.  You will notice its stunning Moorish architecture.

In 1931 it was declared a historical monument, and in 1984 the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization registered it as a world cultural heritage site, along with most of the old town of Cordoba.

Sightseeing Tours Available

Alcazar of Cordoba is so popular that there are numerous sightseeing tours.  You can travel on foot, horse drawn carriage, electric e-bike rentals, open top buses and even mini-buses.  They will take you into the city to see the pretty and picturesque narrow streets.

Bus trips offer a hop on, hop off service with many sightseeing languages available, giving you the full history of this amazing city.  You will feel yourself walking far further than you anticipated, as one street with its white washed quaint cottages and colorful flowers will entice you on to the next corner, and the next.

Optional Extras Wine and Olive Oil Tastings

If you are interested in wine the Montilla-Moriles winery holds tours to enable you to learn about the ancient process of wine making.  If you wish, you may indulge in a little wine tasting too.  Near to the Cathedral Mosque they hold olive oil classes enabling you to sample and learn about the processes and the health benefits.

If you do decide to leave your lovely sun lounger on the coast of the Costa del Sol, and participate in some cultural activities, you will be delighted that you visited the beautiful, historical city of Alcazar of Cordoba.  You will have some brilliant photographs, have learnt about this Spanish city and will have fond memories.

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