The Best Time to Visit Spain

Spain is a fabulous destination to travel to.  The food, culture, people, festivities and the beautiful architecture and scenery is something you will never forget.  When travelling, it is always essential to have a plan and know what months and seasons are best to plan a visit. When planning a trip to Spain, it is important to consider weather, holidays and festivals, and prices.


Spain’s weather is not consistent across the country; it varies by region and month. If you want to travel to Spain during nicer weather, then you will want to visit Spain in the spring and fall, preferably during the months of April, May, June, September, of October.  The weather is very comfortable to explore the streets and countryside of Spain and catch a tan.


The Seasons

best seasons to travel to spain
best seasons to travel to spain

Summer (July, August) tends to be uncomfortably hot, enough to where locals escape to cooler parts of Spain during this time of year.  The hotter cities are located in central Spain such as Madrid, Seville, and Cordoba.  During the summer, resorts along the Mediterranean tend to be booked and crowded.  The ideal places to visit during this time of year are cities located in Northern Spain, such as Valencia, the Balearic Islands, Barcelona, Costa Brava, Bilbao, and Santiago de Compostela.

Spanish winters have their advantages and disadvantages.  It is less crowded during this time of year, southern Spain is cooler, there are a lot of festivities and events, and booking a hotel is less difficult.  The disadvantage of travelling to Spain comes into play if you want to travel the most mountainous areas and areas that get a lot of snow and ice, as you may need to use chains to travel by car.   These areas include

  • Burgos
  • Leon
  • Logroño
  • Pamplona
  • Vitoria


Pricing is a major part of deciding when you should visit Spain.  Prices of hotels and other accommodations can fluctuate based on season and location.  During major holidays and festivals, the prices of travel and other accommodations will spike.  So be prepared and make sure to book well in advance if you’re travelling to Spain during any major holiday or festival.  Summer tends to have an influx of tourists and vacationers.  Prices also tend rise during this time, and it will be very difficult to find any type of deal.

Cheapest Time to Travel to Spain

Cheapest Time to Travel to Spain
Cheapest Time to Travel to Spain

There are low prices during the winter season since no one really travels to Spain during the winter.  However, due to low levels of tourists and business during this season, hotels and restaurants may close their doors for the season.  If you’re planning to travel during this time, double check that businesses and hotels will be available.  Spring and fall are the best times to visit Spain.  During this time, hotels and other accommodations will be offering deals that will better suit your budget. Plus, it’s not super crowded during this time of year, and you will be able to enjoy the nice weather.

Deciding when to plan your trip should be based on your schedule, budget, festivities, and weather.  You will want to get the most out of your vacation, so it is important to research ahead of time and have a travel itinerary that will allow you to experience what Spain has to offer.

Holidays and Festivals

Holidays and Festivals
Holidays and Festivals

Planning your trips during holidays and festivals is one of the best ways to experience the culture of Spain.  These festivals are by no means places to sit around and relax.  These festivals are loud, vibrant, active and extremely fun.  Here is just a snippet of the holidays and festivals Spain has to offer.

Las Fallas in Valencia

Las Fallas in Valencia is one of the most lively festivals held in Spain.  The festival pays tribute to St. Joseph, and it takes place in March and lasts for about a week.  There are fireworks, huge papier-mache dolls in the form of celebrities and politicians, music, dancing and more.  The festival is so loud and lively, you will be lucky if you get any rest.

La Tomatina in Buñol

La Tomatina is a celebration honouring the patron saint of Buñol.  On the last Wednesday of August, tourists and locals alike gather together to participate in multiple tomato wars throughout the day.  The local government provides over 80,000 pounds in tomatoes, and there are communal showers around the city for participants to clean themselves.  There is food, street parties, and parades.  It is said that a tomato war can last as long as two hours.

La Mercé Festival

La Mercé Festival is a celebration held in honour of Our Lady of Mercy. It is held in Barcelona on the 24th of September.  Our Lady of Mercy can be traced back to the early 1200s, where St. Peter Nolasco was praying for guidance and the freedom of prisoners captured by the Saracens and Turks.  Along with the creation of a religious order and the help of King James I of Aragon, St. Peter was able to free 300,000 prisoners.  Many friars became martyrs, and they along with the Virgin of Mercy are celebrated on this day.  On the eve of the 24thGràcia neighbourhood and the Plaza, SantJaume is transformed into a street fair where there are dragons, giants, costumed people with large heads called cabezudos, and correfocs which are devils with large sparklers.

Carnival in Spain

Carnival in Spain is as vibrant and lively as any other festival in Spain and is held between Christmas and Holy Week.  It is, of course, a street festival, and it allows people to dress up and run around in costumes for days.  There are pirates, zombies, knights, heroes, and anything that can come to their imagination.  There is food, parades, contests, street theatre and so much more.  The major hype of the ceremony takes place on Carnival Tuesday, which is the last day to eat meat before Lent.  It ends on Ash Wednesday with Entierro de la Sardina, the Burial of the Sardine, where a sardine is buried to represent the arrival of Lent and the departure of personal pleasures.

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