Teide National Park in Tenerife

The mountain of Teide volcano
The mountain of Teide volcano

Teide National Park

Dauntingly watching out Tenerife, Teide National Park is not only the highest point in the whole Canary Islands but with a striking height of 3718m, it is considered to be the highest mountain in all of Spain. The national park, covering 189.9 sq km through volcanoes and backwoods, is both a UNESCO world heritage site as well as Spain’s most popular tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors each year.

Landscape of Teide volcano mountain
Landscape of Teide volcano mountain

Hiking the highest peak of Spain may appeal to many people, especially hikers and mountaineers, and the way the exuberant flora and fauna pleases the very soul of the nature-lovers to the depth, it makes it all more appealing and enticing. Mount Teide is definitely an amazing sight to behold, not only to be observed but to be experienced. The entire geography of the bustling crater can be felt right under your feet or simply smelling the sulphur emitted out of fumaroles can make you intoxicated, along with the scenic beauty of place- all tiny islands visible at the same time. Diverse and splendid, this place is surely one of the wonders of the world in every way.

Ramblers hiking at Pico de Teide
Ramblers hiking at Pico de Teide

The walk to the summit is both exciting and thrilling! Casting a look at the view without negotiating volcanic rocks underfoot can be quite difficult as your focus have to be more on self-preservation instead of the breathtaking views. The hike basically starts from La Caldera, which is a huge volcanic crater and from there, once you start your ascend, you can’t help but exclaim one word, “WOW” hundreds and hundreds of times, as this place will land you up in an exotic spot straight out of children’s storybook, cloaked in intense cover of laurel and huge pine trees. However, the path to your final destination will be twisted and meandering and nevertheless dangerous, so watch out!

Activities on Offer:

  1. Telesforo Bravo Trail is the final ascent to the summit of the volcano and the name is given in honor of the famous Tenerife geologist who has tirelessly went on discovering secrets of numerous mythical places. The entire hike covers a distance of 650m to reach the highest altitude of 3717.98m.
  2. If you are tired and can’t go on hiking trails, Teide cable car option is easily available. However, if you are in good shape, and can easily hike, don’t miss the climb through Montaña Blanca, where you have to spend a night in Altavista Mountain Refuge. This is only done so that you can wake up to a spectacular view of the sunrise in the islands. This view is so stunning and breathtakingly beautiful that once you get a sight of it, you will never ever forget it in your life, no matter how much you travel.

Getting there:

Regular flights are available from Tenerife International airport. The Canary Islands is a premium location, thus well-connected.

Staying there:

Numerous hotels and resorts dot the islands of Canary. Some are expensive, some are budgeted. Bed and breakfast accommodations are also available. However, if you want to discover more of the park, it is best to stay in Las Cañadas del Teide Parador Hotel or Altavista Refuge.


The Tenerife Walking Festival is celebrated every year in the month of March. By February, you have to register yourself.

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