Top 10 Music Festivals in Spain

Fun-loving, jaw-dropping beauty and devoted to enjoy the good life, Spain stirs the soul from within. It is a country with diverse natural landscapes, charming modern architectural marvels and a paradise for culinary delights. Here, the passion of people is reflected in the reverberating music of the soul. Entertainment, fiesta and music go hand in hand. The word ‘Fiesta’ in Spain is one of the most used words and you will sense it on the crowded streets at midnight, in musical concerts or during tapping flamenco dancing sessions. Actually Spain is the place where life meanders across the streets, making you feel anything and everything can happen here, especially the good things of life.
Being a country steaming with culture and history, Spain has timelessly provided rich inspiration for many world-famous artists and creative personalities. On top of that the zeal to celebrate life, tropical weather and long nights makes this country the perfect locale to host musical festivals. Here is a list of top 10 musical festivals to be enjoyed in Spain, irrespective of your musical taste

Benicassim Music Festival

Festival Internacional de Benicàssim 

Benicassim Music Festival
James (British rock band from Manchester) performance at FIB Festival / Christian Bertrand /

Dates: July 14 – July 17, 2016

Benicassim Undeniably is the first entry on the list, Benicassim has been showcasing varied pop, rock and electronic artists, along with including other elements, like short films, art and fashion shows. The Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, aka FIB, takes place in the coastal town of Benicassim, on the east coast of Spain, in the middle of Valencia and Barcelona, and goes on hitting the beach for four frantic days, bring out the biggest hits. Each year, the festival begins on the second Monday of July, that’s when the camp grounds open but the music gets on from Thursday afternoon, officially. So if you are sick of rain and mud, book your tickets for Benicassim this year and enjoy a sunny musical holiday break during this July.

How to get there – The nearest airports to the Benicassim site are Barcelona and Valencia. You can also book a car from these two places but book one with air conditioner.

Vida Festival in Barcelona

Vida Festival in Barcelona
Vida Festival 2015 / Photo Courtesy of

Dates: June 30 –  July 3 2016

Vida – This musical festival is specially catered for those who want to spend some moments in intimacy and ultimate relaxation. With plenty on offer, this fiesta of life (Vida means life in Spanish) is arranged annually in the beautiful coastal woodlands of Vilanova, south of Barcelona, during first week of July. From rock and pop performers to music, art and film festival, Vida exudes a multicultural atmosphere, attracting visitors from all parts of the world. Notwithstanding the relaxed pace, it still does include big hitters, likes War on Drugs, Wilco and Primal Scream. Besides the musical aspects, to get an outstanding experience, visit The Forest. It offers a stunning view on the old boat aground in the midst of plenty hundred year old trees. Hence you get to enjoy so many venues to soak in one unique experience. Official Website

How to get there – From Barcelona, take the highway to C-32 to Vilanova i la Geltrú (exit 21). Trains are also available. Train journey will take 40 minutes to reach the destination.

Azkena Rock Festival in Bilbao

Azkena Rock Festival in Bilbao
Azkena Rock Festival in Bilbao / Photo Courtesy of

Dates: June 19 – June 20, 2016

Azkena Rock – To prove that the UK don’t own monopoly rights on Hard Rock music, Azkena features two days of unlimited rock metal, all punk and vibrant. Also known as the ARF, Azkena hosts a variety of musical groups while maintaining a non-commercial atmosphere in Alava, Spain. In spite of high-class performances by international performers, including KISS, Pearl Jam, Ozzy Osbourne, TOOL and many more. With a subdued underground reverberating vibe, this musical festival has been a chartbuster from the year 2002, its debut year. Originating from the beautiful Victoria- Gasteiz, the picturesque capital of the Basque community, it is a sumptuous recipe waiting to be savored in its fifteenth year.

How to get there – The Victoria-Gasteiz airport is just 9km from the city. Trains are also available, ensuring a pleasant journey through Alavas landscapes. If you are coming from Madrid or San Sebastian by car, take the A-1 o AP-1 and in case of Barcelona or Bilbao, take A-68. Official Website 

Sónar Music Festival in Barcelona

Sónar Music Festival in Barcelona
Sonar Festival on June 19, 2015 / Christian Bertrand /

Dates: June 16 – June 18,  2016

Sónar – Ideal for any kind of electronic fan, Sonar’s lineups are always a thing to marvel. Proclaiming to be a festival of new-age music and multimedia arts, Sonar is dominating the musical platform since 1993. It first started as a hobnobbing event but soon attracted 80000 electronic music lovers. This progressive music festival gives the perfect excuse to come to Barcelona, a city which is composed of psychedelic buildings, boundless culture and unending drinking and dining scenes. The day can be spent at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Centre of Contemporary Culture, glancing through the musical genres. Even you can attend technological demonstrations and film screenings near the central Barcelona. But with the setting of the sun, the attention shifts towards the musical nirvana created by world-famous DJs and VJs. There is no shortfall of talent here, thanks to the stunning ‘OffSonar’ after-parties and stellar performances by international artists, including Richie Hawtin, Björk, De La Soul, Aphex Twin and the Chemical Brothers. In addition to all these elements, lots of conferences and talk-sessions by industry professionals are also on offer. Official Website

How to get there – No fixed place of performance. Throughout Barcelona, it takes place in various venues.

I Am Global Festival in Vilassar de Dalt

I Am Global Festival in Vilassar de Dalt
I Am Global Festival in Vilassar de Dalt /Photo Courtesy of

I Am Global – The most alluring feature of this musical festival is that it takes place in one of the largest water parks in Europe, Illa Fantasia. Mostly taking place in the first week of June, it is praised to host over more than 200 international artists over two wonderful days, filled with fun, music and entertainment. Various bars, food outlets and free transportation are available to cater the needs of 18000 people in attendance. Besides all this, the huge water park 18 attractions are open throughout the days but some selected pools are open during the night. To experience something more than normal camping, take a part in I Am Global this year!

How to get there – Vilassar de Dalt is the village in Catalonia, Spain where the water park is located. It is close to Barcelona, so you can easily drive and reach this exotic locale.

DCODE Music Festival in Madrid

DCODE Music Festival in Madrid
Crowd in a concert at Dcode Festival on September 12, 2015/Christian Bertrand /

Dates:10 September 2016

DCODE – Madrid’s DCODE is a sure winner, in terms of finances concerned due to its one day event tag. As the events unwraps itself in the month of September, it gives the last chance to the viewers to unfurl themselves in some of the best live band performances, while sun is still blazing in the sky. The open air arrangement is a good way to enjoy the pleasant weather, while giving adieu to the summer with some wonderful beats of music. It throws open arms to leading acts from Indie rock scene as well as to international artists, like Suede, Neuman, Natalia Lafourcade, Crystal Fighters and Hinds among others, and in this way, it always manages to equate quality with quantity.

How to get there – The event is mainly held in the city Madrid, so getting there won’t be difficult at all. Flights, trains and buses are available from various parts of Spain.

BBK Live Festival in Bilbao

BBK Live Festival in Bilbao
Bilbao BBK Live 2014 / Photo Courtesy of

Dates:July 7 – July 9,  2016

Bilbao BBK – With breathtaking Arriaz mountains in the background, sandy beaches to wade around and late-evening music shows so that one can enjoy hours in sunbathing, BBK offers lot more than you can even imagine. Bilbao is a place located on the North Western coastal region of Spain and BBK Live is an event that lasts for three days in the month of July. The outskirts of Bilbao gets illuminated with live brand performances, penetrating disco lights, bright and wide LED screens. Since its launch in the year 2006, the entire event has been a smashing hit, attracting thousands and thousands of visitors, both national and international, each year.

How to get there – Bilbao has a fully functional airport and after getting down there, you can board any of the regular buses and reach central Bilbao. From there, Kobetamendi is just 10 minutes away and festival organizers arrange shuttle bus services.

Arenal Sound Festival in Burriana, Castellón

Arenal Sound Festival in Borriana, Castellón
Arenal Sound 2015 / Photo Courtesy of

Dates: Aug 2 – Aug 7, 2016

Arenal Sound – If you are seeking a weekend fun to remember for ages, no need to look further than Arsenal Sound. This hyped musical festival offer six days of unlimited fun, rock and indie pop music. With the fast growing popularity, Arsenal knows the music lovers’ preferences and keeping that in mind, they have designed their entire curriculum.

How to get there – The festival takes place in the Arenal beach in Castellon, Spain and the best way to get there is by flight or train.

DGTL Music Festival in Barcelona

DGTL Music Festival in Barcelona
DGTL FESTIVAL 2015 / Photo Courtesy of

Dates: Aug 1 – Aug 2, 2016

DGTL Barcelona – With interactive performance art, mindboggling set designs and crazy crowd, DGTL is any DJ’s ultimate dream of life. The relentless dancing sessions makes it impossible to forget. The 2016 event gears up to fulfill expectations from the likes of Boddika and Pearson Sound.

How to get there – Barcelona is highly accessible, thus very easy to locate.

Primavera Sound Music Festival in Barcelona

Primavera Sound Music Festival in Barcelona
Crowd at Primavera Sound / Christian Bertrand /

Dates: Jun 1 – Jun 5, 2016

Primavera Sound – Reeling with indie flavor, Primavera Sound festival at Parcdel Forum offers safe haven for the kinds of The Cure and Radiohead. With a brimming visitor-list of 100000 people, this rock festival is surely a stunner!

How to get there – Barcelona is highly accessible, thus very easy to locate.

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