San Isidro Festival 2016 – Fiestas de San Isidro Madrid

Fiestas de San Isidro in Madrid

For those who dare and love adventure, for the fun lovers, there is the world’s largest event which is the heart throb of all the youngsters as well as the old. San Isidro Festival in Madrid is the most awaited festival for the bull-fighters and the bull-breeders. Bull fighting is one of the main features of this occasion that sells all the nights over there in Madrid in advance.

If anyone wants to experience a festival of glitz and glare with a modern as well as the vintage traditional look, he/ she must plan to visit the annual festival of San Isidro. One can find the fascinating anecdote of Madrid’s traditional dress, “chulapo” which is worn in captivating colors. So, grab all this fun and eye catchy scenes of tradition and festivity by visiting the venue on 15th of May every year.

Historic Background of San Isidro Festival

This fiesta of San Isidro Madrid starts with full bloom on the 10-day i.e. 10th of May and lasts till the 19th of May. The most enthusiastic day of this festival usually falls on 15th of May when a public holiday is declared by the government and is popular by the name of Madrid’s Patron Saints Day. This is the day when Madrid bursts into sparkles of colors and costumes, when the native people celebrate the city wide fiestas of its saint San Isidro.

Madrid is the real Spanish melting pot as it is the center of culture and economics where this festival activities sputter to a start with the week but its celebrations lasts for long almost a week. Here every day is a fun gala for the general public, an event where they can chill around forgetting all the tensions of life at least for a while.


The Most Enthusiastic Day

Some of the dynamic features of this festival include the following;

  • Breath taking Bull fight
  • Traditional Costume parade
  • Midday Mass
  • Family food festival
  • Open air Dancing Ball
  • Carnival of Big heads and Giants
  • Stunning wine parties under Fascinating Fireworks


Specialty of the Festival

Thanks to the typical chotis dance which is considered as the cultural hallmark of Madrid. One can find each and everyone involved into himself and entertaining with the open air street dancing in the traditional ‘chotis’ style. The history of this dance relates back to 1850 from Vienna when all the people are supposed to be enjoying dancing up to their lives.


Traditional Pastries

Not only dancing and gaming fun is the only thing to enjoy rather there is a full treat for the food lovers by arranging a food carnival of its own kind. It includes the mouth-watering traditional pastries for its guests. Some of the traditional recipe includes the following;

  • Las Listas
  • Las Tontas
  • Las de Santa Clara
  • Las Francesas

The ingredients are basic, they mainly consist of sugar, wheat flour, eggs, yeast, lemon peal, olive oil and anise.

Enjoying Day-drink on the Streets

Besides the rides and games, fun freaks can entertain themselves with the day-drink on the streets, ”Paseo de 15 de Mayo”, where all the streets are given names according to the festival.

In short, there is much to enjoy at this festival, plan a trip to Madrid this year in May and do not miss the plethora of fun and festivity.