Fiesta de San Miguel, Lleida

September is the month of Fiestas and patrias in San Miguel. In this ‘autumn’s best of cheer’ month, the fun-loving people steep up for the party-hearties. The amazing and subtle weather enables the worldwide travellers to participate in Fiesta de San Miguel Lleida that is held between 25th to 29th September. Its celebration time coincides with the Autumn festival of Lleida, which makes the festival even more happening. However, it is held annually mainly to make merry for bidding adieu to the harvest season.


Fiestas de San Miguel is one of the oldest agricultural festivals that started off mainly to show honour to the unofficial second patron saint of the city. The programme includes extravagant procession that starts on 25th of September and continues up to 1st October.

Dance and Fireworks during the Event

The procession consists of displays and gives ample opportunities to all those who want to go crazy with dancing. People can be a part of the festival by joining the easy to learn ‘sardana’ dance. The ‘fire’ or the Flamenco dance, which is another important part of the procession, imitates the flow and the flames’ flair. The rhythm of madness has no full stop and one can experience it when he will visit San Miguel during this festive mood. Accompanied with the sound of guitar and claps, the dance becomes a fusion of romance and entertainment.

Do you want to dance with the sticks? Then, Ball Dels Bastons should be your preference. It’s a Catalan folk weapon dance where the dancers wore ornaments and red ribbons. The tunes of the tabor pipes make the dancers move in accordance with the rhythm. During this time, the Lleida city becomes packed with people taking part in both small and big events where culture remains the centre.

With the enrapturing sight of the fireworks, San Miguel has got it all. A look at the night sky when the fireworks are displayed can take one to a fairy world. The visitors gather at ‘Fire on Blondel Avenue’ and ‘Big night of Beasts’ with their caps and scarves to witness it while protecting their heads from this amazing event at the same time.

Numerous theatrical dramas are also arranged to entertain the audiences. One of such famous drama is ‘Lo Marco’ where the protagonist is the local dragon. Parading through the main routes of Lleida, the people in the attire of evils in the procession attract the attention of the passersby.

In short, Fiesta de San Miguel is an expression of the tradition of Spain celebrated in Lleida that ultimately ends with the setting up of the new cultural manifestations.

How to Reach the Destination

Those who are comfortable in trains can take the train to Lleida from Reus railway station. As Lleida is situated on the AVE train route, the people living in both Madrid and Barcelona can easily reach the destination. From Madrid, you can take train and land on Lleida within 3 hours, whereas from Barcelona, Lleida can be reached through the direct train trip and that too within 1 hour.