Feria De Abril , Seville April Fair 2016

Lights go on, loud Sevillanas music is integrated in all of the local party playlists and thousands of emblematic flamenco dresses embellish the streets of Capital city Andalucía. Spanish people have an eye for organizing mind-popping events and festivities, and the Seville fair is one of them. Two weeks after Easter, preparations start and everyone that’s involved will do what’s in their abilities to make sure this big event will be as prestigious and above all as festive as possible.

Feria de Abril de Sevilla 2016

Origin of The Feria de abril de Sevilla

To introduce you to this collection of happiness and colors, it’s good to expound what exactly this spring festival is about. To begin with, the origin of the festival goes back to the days of 1847. Originally organized as a livestock fair it took approximately one year to sense some transformation in regards to the festival, and step-by-step little sparkles of festivity started to transform the ambiance of it all. Success started arriving, and the event reached its peak during the 1920’s, and this is what made it exactly what is today.



But what is it exactly that makes the festival so extraordinary, and what happens in this week of joy and delight? The week has its own time scheme, and everyday serves a particular purpose while holding a specific range of activities and things you can do or explore:


  • Monday is referred to as “fish day”, and on this evening fish will be eaten traditionally. After dinner people go and watch the thousands of lights being switched on at the entrance to the Feria. When people are done romanticizing next to exotic light decoration around them, it’s time to grab a fresh bottle of cherry wine and start the party.
  • Tuesday is the first day of the horseback parades and also the beginning of people wearing the traditional Spanish flamenco’s and of course the “El traje corto” suits. It’s a real spectacle seeing all these people dressed in these sensational costumes, and it adds this little spark of enchantment to the whole phenomenon of drinking and partying.
  • The rest of the week does not have a specific time schema or ritual bound to it, however that doesn’t mean the that the following days are less important. People are carried by beautifully dressed horses to al different kinds of places, and the whole occasion makes it look like, for a moment, we’re back in history


Sevilla Aprill fair , horses

If you want to visit the festival, make sure you plan some of your activities beforehand. A lot of festivities will be busy and booked before you’ve even arrived, and some of the big parties that are taking place are only accessible by private invitation. However, even looking around can already be a completely inspiring and satisfying experience. The things you’ve seen in romantic Spanish movies are being played on a real life screen right in front of you, while you can enjoy a delightful sip of some of the region’s most luscious and sweet wines. This will be an adventure you’ll probably never forget.

Sevilla April Fair 2016