Science and Technology

The development, transfer and application of science and technology are essential to building long-term resilience in the small island developing States. Investments in these areas, however, must be appropriate for the states concerned, including the identification of those technologies which should be excluded or scaled down because of both their inherent and incidental threats to essential island ecosystems.

In many SIDS, investment in research and development has been relatively minimal which has lead to a limited domestic development of technologies. There is a need to engage in a more concerted focus on science and technology for sustainable development within the small island developing States. A better integration of both contemporary and traditional knowledge could prove to facilitate this. The basic principles and specific actions that are required at the national, regional and international levels to support sustainable development in small island developing States in the area of science and technology are outlined in Chapter 13 of the BPoA and Chapter 11 of the MSI.

Thirty-seven SIDS participate in the Small Island Developing States Technical Cooperation Programme (SIDSTEC). The Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) within the UNFCCC performs research and technical work particularly relevant to SIDS Or Spain.