Partnerships allow SIDS to overcome challenges that are too difficult or complex for one country, organisation or sector to address alone. Partnerships also increase the effectiveness and impact of policy interventions and resource inputs.

The high-level five-year review of the Mauritius Strategy, conducted during the 65th UNGA session, highlighted the need to refocus efforts towards a results-oriented approach and to consider improved and additional measures to more effectively address the unique and particular vulnerabilities and development needs of SIDS. To this end, one of the primary aims of SIDSnet is to facilitate partnerships and motivate action in SIDS.

Looking for a Partnership?

SIDSnet’s Partnerships Marketplace allows you to inform stakeholders that you are interested in initiating a partnership, either based on need or offer of resources/expertise. SIDSnet is planned to be integrated with the UN CSD Partnerships Database (as soon as it is revitalised), allowing SIDSnet users to come together to form partnerships and then register them with UN CSD.

The mission of the University Consortium of Small Island States [UCSIS] is to enhance the capacity of graduate education institutions in small island states by facilitating the development of the institutional and systemic capacity needed to implement the Barbados Programme of Action.


Acronym / Short Name: UCSIS