SPC Releases Findings of Solomon Islands Tuna Fisheries Study

8 March 2012: The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) has released the findings of a six-month study investigating how Solomon Islands can get the greatest benefits from valuable tuna resources. It is anticipated that the information on levels and values of the fisheries presented in the study will be used by the Solomon Islands Government to negotiate more effectively, and ensure the country receives fair compensation from foreign vessel activities.

The study includes findings on catch volume, as well as disaggregated data on tuna species caught. It finds that tuna caught in Solomon Islands’ waters reached a record level, in excess of 180,000 metric tons in 2010. In addition, it reports that increases were mainly in skipjack and albacore tuna catch, but that bigeye and yellowfin tuna were also caught. The study also highlights that large purse-seine vessels catch a daily average 30 metric tons of tuna, valued at approximately US$60,000 per day.

The study is a key output of the SPC’s joint country strategy with Solomon Islands, with funding provided by the EU through the SciCOFish Project, together with the New Zealand Aid Programme. Such initiatives aim to support the activities of Solomon Islands in recent years to ensure the sustainability of tuna stocks and improve its economic returns. [SPC Press Release]



  • Source: SIDS Policy & Practice
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