Mauritius Strategy +5 Review

National Assessment Reports

Guidelines for the preparation of National Assessment Reports (NARs) have been sent out to the SIDS countries via their respective Missions to the UN. The deadline for the submission of the reports was 30 November, 2009. Reports will be available on this page as they are received.

AIMS Region NARs
Cape Verde Maldives Seychelles
Comoros Mauritius Singapore
Guinea-Bissau Sao Tome and Principe
(Unofficial English translation)
Caribbean Region NARs
Antigua and Barbuda Dominican Republic St. Lucia
Bahamas Grenada St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Barbados Guyana Suriname
Belize Haiti Trinidad & Tobago
Cuba Jamaica
Dominica St. Kitts & Nevis
Pacific Region NARs
Cook Islands Nauru Solomon Islands
Fiji Niue Timor-Leste
Kiribati Palau Tonga
Marshall Islands Papua New Guinea Tuvalu
Micronesia, Federated States of Samoa Vanuatu

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