Madrid Highlights

Plaza Mayor

The Plaza was completed in 1620 and was the capitol of the Hapsburg Empire.  The square served as a magnificent theater for royal pronouncements, public executions, festivals and bullfights as well as the ghastly burning at the stake of heretics by the Spanish Inquisition.

The Prado

One of the world’s greatest art museums houses much of the rich collection of the Hapsburg monarchs. Included here are works by the Spanish Masters Velázquez and Goya.

Museo Arqueologico Naçional

Spain’s most important archaeological Museum displays ancient Iberian sculptures, Byzantine crowns, and artifacts dating back to the Visigoths, as well as Paleolithic art from the ancient caves of northern Spain.

Palacio Real

Built on the site of the old Moorish Castle and modeled on the French palace at Versailles, this baroque palace is now used for official state occasions only, but a number of the more than 2,800 rooms are open to the public.  Everything is lavish, opulent and times completely unbelievable.

The Calle Serrano shopping experience

Situated in in the upmarket neighborhood of Salamanca this is where you come if it is designer names you are after.  La Calle Serrano one favored by Victoria Beckham it’s worth a visit if only to so a little wistful window shopping.

The Telférico

A cable car ride across the Casa del Camp you ride 122 feet (40m) above the ground and admire the dome of Goya’s burial chapel.  When the cable car arrives drops you off in the centre of the Casa del Campo it’s only a short walk to the zoo, the funfair and the lake.