the best places to get married in spain

Best Places To Get Married In Spain

The best places to get married in Spain

Confessing endless love at the glimpse of a mesmerizing late summer sunset? Whispering wedding vows guided by light evening breezes floating from the heated Mediterranean Sea? Marrying in Spain sounds like the modern fairytale heaps of people find themselves daydreaming about. But where exactly do you find this assemblage of magical mystery moments? And what options are there to put on your list? Let’s find out.

Castillo de Santa Catalina, Malaga

Situated alongside the bottom of Spain’s East Coast you’ll find Castillo de Santa Catalina. Finding its origin in the middle of one of oldest cities in the world by date, there’s no doubt you’ll be captured by the stunting amount of historical magic that this place is known for. Walking through the ancient Spanish corridors will enrich you with a spark of the temperate Spanish ambience, and the marvelous characteristics of the dated historical city center will fill your memories with unforgettable images. Also, the Hotel itself:

  • Is surrounded by astonishing dream-like gardens and offers a variety of Spanish cultural heritage that creates a scene perfectly fitted for a romantic Mediterranean wedding
  • Has a great many services to their disposal such as flower arrangements and guided tours, making it perfectly diverse for your special day or other festive celebrations
  • Offers a magnificent outlook on the Mediterranean sea and provides eye capturing panorama while enjoying a glimpse of the southern sunset, from one of the many terraces available at the hotel

Cortijo Rosa Blanca, Coin

If a beach wedding isn’t a necessary requirement and a higher placed venue is more to your liking, the next accommodation will unequivocally tickle your senses. This accommodation has been purposely created for weddings, and has everything (and more!) available to make your special day unforgettable. Gardens filled up with plants such as Roses, Lavender, Jasmine and Lilac will frame the ambience of the day and if there’s longing for cooling down after long hours of continuous sunshine, shaded areas are also made accessible. The venue:

  • Is equipped with a pool, bar and also several dining areas serving you great comfort and providing luxury
  • Has guest accommodations to make sure the other special people in your life will find as much enjoyment and ease, in the days surrounding your wedding, as you
  • Isn’t located too far from neighboring villages but still offers the desired tranquility and privacy
  • Is surrounded by calming nature and breath taking scenery from the valleys

Casa la Siesta, Los Parralejos

Oranges and olive trees will guide you to the entrance of this miraculous building. This house has everything you and your guests will long for. A pool shadowed by captivating high palm trees, and outdoor banks to relax and find rest with a glass of wine after a long day of festivities. Like the previous venue, this accommodation offers complete privacy and luxury. It will make you feel at home or presumably even a little bit more. Guest rooms designed in detail and authentic Spanish architecture will be visible directly after laying eyes on this wonderful tropical fairytale palace. Casa la Siesta offers:

  • A rare enchanting countryside location. Buried in the hidden fields placed next to the Spanish West Coast, not a lot of tourists will be found, so if you’re a fan of animosity and tranquility this place is definitely something to look into
  • High quality seafood offered at the menu. Being located only 12 kilometers away from the coast the food is exceptionally fresh. Something not every place can add to their lists of qualities
  • The possibility to visit other villages and enjoy more of the tropical scenery than only the wedding destination. Go on a hike or spend a day building sand castles at the beach. Everything is possible here.

Meliá Salinas, Lanzarote

There can’t be a list about Spanish wedding venues without the option of a real time beach wedding. Toes that enjoy sand massages while walking up the aisle. Sunsets ending the day with a splash of orange paint, spread out at the edges of the blue horizon. Almost nothing holds as much romanticism as fantasies like these. However, these things do not only exist in fantasies. At this Hotel, located in the gathering of Grand Canaria Islands dreams can become reality. Your “I do” can be spoken at the beach next to the outspokenly big swimming pools the Hotel has to offer, but also other arrangements can be made, since this place has more to offer than the first sight would make you suspect. It:

  • Has a wooden Aisle located at the adjacent beach
  • Provides floral decoration, to broaden the variety of tropical ambiences even more. In case palm trees wouldn’t be satisfying enough
  • Has a sound system and microphones useable for the wedding, even though the whole happening takes place on the beach.


Xalet de Montjuïc, Barcelona

The fire of the Spanish flame won’t burn as wildly anywhere as it does in Barcelona. Being the heart of the country and the center of all important gatherings and opportunities, it holds great value. So why not have a wedding at an extraordinary place like this? El Xalet de Montjuic is a restaurant situated on a hilltop in the southwest side of the city of Barcelona.  From the restaurant you have a gorgeous panoramic view of the city.  From a distance you can see the spectacular Sagrada Familia cathedral by Gaudi, the iconic monument of Barcelona.  The large terrace can support up to 450 guests, so your special day will be celebrated with a captivating view, making it possible to look far into the mesmerizing streets of the Spanish capital. The presentation of the foods are quite elaborate and well presented by the hands of chef Jordi Anglí.