Questions To Ask When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you go to work, you expect a few things. You want to make money, be treated with respect and be safe. When any of these three needs aren’t being met, you may need to take legal action. Accidents can happen at work, but it doesn’t mean that you have to pay for your hospital and doctor visits. Maybe it was a case of employer negligence or downright malicious intent. Either way, you may have some questions to ask when hiring a personal injury lawyer. When you get hurt on the job, and it’s not your fault, remember that you deserve to be treated fairly.

What to Do First?

When you fall injury to something at work, you want to stay quiet until you ask personal injury lawyer during your consultation some questions. You need to discuss the situation with a qualified attorney before saying anything to the person or persons at fault for you being hurt. A lawyer who has handled personal injury cases before can let you know what he thinks about your chances of winning a settlement. The great thing about consultations is that it is just that. You can speak to a few attorneys if you need to look into your options further than the first lawyer you hear of.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

It is not an easy time in your life dealing with the loss of income because you can’t perform your job. On top of that, you need to hire an attorney as soon as possible. With all of the commercials and ads you see, advertising lawyers, it’s no wonder that you can become overwhelmed. The first time you get injured, you may not even know what information to ask for in an accident. You really need to interview attorneys thoroughly to see exactly how much experience they have in the area that you need expertise in. Picking out a lawyer who specializes in work related injuries can be time-consuming. Some attorneys may say that they handle this kind of cases all the time, when in fact, they have very little experience. You are going to want to ask the right questions to determine their qualifications.

Questions To Ask When Hiring a Personal Injury attorneyQuestions To Ask When Hiring a Personal Injury attorney

During Your Free Consultation

The great thing about hiring an attorney is that you generally get to meet them and speak to them for free the first visit. This gives you a chance to see if you are compatible and if they can meet your needs. You have options so don’t feel pressured by anyone. You want to speak to a few different lawyers so that you get the absolutely most competent person for the job. Make lists for each individual lawyer with questions to ask personal injury lawyer during your consultation. Print up a different sheet for each lawyer you meet with.

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What to ask a personal injury lawyer during your consultation!?

  1. What is your main area of expertise in the law profession?
  2. Are you willing to take my case to trial? Have you had your The Night clients go to trial before? Did you win?
  3. How many cases have you taken on that are similar to my situation?
  4. Should I expect this to take a long time? Approximately how long will it take to get payment for my personal injury?
  5. Will I be able to reach your direct line if I need you? Is there going to be regular times that we speak How often will you communicate with me about my case? If the attorney sends someone other than himself to meet you the first time, find another lawyer.
  6. Would it be possible for me to speak to a few of the people that you have represented in the past?
  7. What if I am unhappy with what the insurance agency offers me? Will you be by my side to take it to court?
  8. Will you be able to take my case on with your other clients you are working for?
  9. Do you have any marks on your law record or suspensions? Have you ever been suspended from practice of law? If so, why?
  10. Could you please let me know what you charge as a retainer fee?

 Questions To Ask When Hiring a Personal Injury attorney

Do You Need Assistance Getting Your Paperwork Ready and Going to Meet the Lawyer?

When you get severely hurt on the job, you may not be medically able to handle all of the tasks you need to for your case on your own. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether you have to ask the attorney to visit you at home or have a friend, spouse or family member assist you, don’t let it deter you from presenting your case. Filling out paperwork and forms may be hard for you. Let the lawyers know you are badly hurt so that they can make the appropriate accommodations to assist you. You can give your proxy, liaison, assistant or whatever you are calling your helper, your lists of questions to ask when hiring a personal injury lawyer. There will be a few more things that will be beneficial for you to know as well:

  • You have the right to ask about how payment works. Do they take payments? Are they paid when you get a settlement? Is there a retainer beforehand?
  • Do they have a high success rate of for your type of injury compensation?
  • Get the free legal advice. Each lawyer that you visit, you will learn a bit more as well. Write down each new thing you learn and know it for your next consultation.
  • Look for signs to see if this is someone that can work with or not.

Personal Injury and Car Accidents

Car accidents and work related injuries can go together. They are both personal injury cases. Someone who is qualified in one area should be in the other. You can find someone who is specialized in specifically work injuries or car accidents however if that makes you more comfortable but in general, they are practiced together successfully. There are some car accident questions and answers as well as personal injury questions to ask that are the same.

Questions to ask when interviewing a personal injury attorney

  • May I see some testimonies from people you have represented in a car accident or work related injury?
  • What kind of Law Associations is you related with? Are you a member of National Law societies?
  • How is your standing in the local law community?
  • Do you also represent those who are defendants in these kinds of cases or just victims?
  • Will you have experts to testify on my behalf? Do you have your own private investigators to show fault in the other party?
  • Is this firm large enough to handle the magnitude of my case financially?

Expertise in Injury Law

  • How long have you been focused on personal injury and car accident cases?
  • Do you know how to handle insurance companies and the various types of experts that will be thrown at you?
  • Have you been practicing law relating to personal injury cases?
  • Could you tell me exactly the amount of cases that you have taken on relating to personal injury?

Posing Your Questions in an Easy to Understand Way

You can pose your car accident question and answers or personal injury questions and answers sheets in a way that is easy to fill in and will make you sound prepared if you forget what you were going to ask at any time. You can use flashcards or any small cards to put the question on the front you are going to ask and the answer the lawyers give you on the back.

  • I was badly hurt while in a car/bus/train accident. I would like to know if you have handled situations like mine or very much like it before?” Being detailed is critically important. You don’t want to just say a car hit you while in the road. Ask about a motor vehicle hitting another motor vehicle at a red light accidents.
  • If it’s a specific injury you are dealing with let your lawyer know. “I am suffering from wrist/arm/back pain. Do you have experience handling this type of injury? Give and ask for details from the injury lawyer so that you both are on the same page. If it’s a broken leg then specify which part of the leg is broken.

Dealing With the Awkward Questions About Money and Charges

You want to know what you will be charged and why. You have the right to know what your fee rates are based upon.

  • What is included in your fees? How do you come up with that number?
  • Do you allow installment plans?
  • Will you get paid when I get paid?
  • If I lose, do you get paid?

What Do I Ask About my Claim?

  • In all honesty, do I have a good chance of winning or settling my case?
  • Is there anything else I can provide you with to come up with a professional opinion about my chances?
  • Are there any weak areas that my case exhibits that needs to be improved upon?
  • What do you think about this going to trial? Can we handle it out of court?
  • What legal courses of action will you be taking to present the best possible case to the court?
  • How much do you think I will reasonably expect to get for my pain and suffering? If you have no conclusive number now, will you soon?
  • How long do you expect this to last?

Things You Want to Ask About the Attorney and His Firm

If you are dealing with an attorney, who works with others in a medium or large sized law firm you may have more things to ask your personal injury lawyer. There will possibly be more people involved in your case than you initially thought and you want to know all you can about who will know your case.

  • Who else if anyone will be assisting you in legal manners involving my situation?
  • Can you tell me what kind of caseload you are carrying right now? Are you able to spend the appropriate amount of time handling my affairs?
  • If you are working with other attorneys on my case, will they be as familiar as you with the circumstances surrounding my situation? Will I be required to explain the case repeatedly to each and every person I meet at your firm?
  • Will there be a clear and concise contract signed between lawyer and client that states the fees and what you are agreeing to do when you represent me?
  • When I need to ask you something, how many ways are there for me to contact you?
  • Is there specific times and days that I should get a hold of you if I need to?
  • If there is important things I need to do or a decision to make, will you speak to me about what I should do beforehand?
  • Will we meet at a regular date and time or will it be as needed?

Preparedness is Key

After reading this article, you should be well prepared for your first meetings with lawyers. They will be impressed with your level of organization and preparedness. You won’t get bamboozled or scammed if you go in knowing what you are dealing With confidently. You will meet the right lawyer for you when you ask the appropriate guiding questions.

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