Knowledge Management

With rapid new developments in information and communications technology, small island developing States can mitigate many of the limitations that come with being relatively isolated and remote and engage in opportunities which build their resilience. E-commerce, improved early warning systems, telemedicine and distance learning are all examples of how these advancements in ICT can facilitate sustainable development in SIDS. The integration of environmental considerations into both national and regional decision making processes is essential to advancing practices of sustainable development. The basic principles and specific actions that are required at the national, regional and international levels to support sustainable development in small island developing States in the area of knowledge management and information for decision-making is outlined in Chapter10 of the BPoA and Chapter 18 of the MSI.

The Partnership in Statistics for Development in the 21st Century (PARIS21) is active in ten SIDS, and sixteen other SIDS report on the state of statistics development.