Granada Events and Festivals

Events & Festivals in Granada

Nativity scenes are enacted throughout the city and the Ruta de Belenes.

Dia de la Toma

This is the commemoration of the conquest of the Moors by the Catholic monarchs at the Town Hall in the Plaza del Carmen.

Los Reyes (The Parade of the Three Kings)

Los Reyes (The Parade of the Three Kings).  Floats pass through the streets carrying many Christmas tide biblical characters which naturally includes the Three Kings of the Orient.  Sweet are thrown to the watching crowds and it is said that the Three Kings take gifts late at night, to the children in their homes.


The first Sunday of the month

Romeria de San Cecilio held in Sacromonte has a procession through the streets to Sacromonte Abbey.


This is the month of Granada’s famous tapas fair when the cost of tapas is way down low at the various venues taking part.


The medieval market and activities known as the Capitulations of Santa Fé and is great fun for everyone, young and old alike.

Holy Week:

Holy Week: is when spectacular Easter processions with their floats of thrones and religious icons are to be found all over Granada but most particularly in the streets of the Abayzin which celebrates with the processions of the Virgen de la Aurora and the Concepción.

Returning by way of the Carrera del Darro and the procession of ‘el Selencio de los Gitanos” with the unforgettable backdrop of the Alhambra on its moonlit hill.



The Fair of the Corpus Christi

The Fair of the Corpus Christi: akes place during Feria so the solemnity of the religious Corpus Christi is tempered by a week of dancing and parties.  Feria starts in the switching on of the portada lights at midnight.  This festivity is also called “La Tarasca” which features a woman riding a dragon surrounded by giants and demons.  The final weekend of the celebration is filled with flamenco singers and dancers.

El Rocio

Takes place in the second week of May when you can see pilgrimages of horses, oxen and decorated carriages leave Granada and make their way to El Rocio in Huelva.


Fiesta del Agua

This is held in Lanjaron and is famed for its midnight water fight.


The International Dance and Music Festival

This festival is held from the end of June to mid-July.  It is advisable to book well in advance for this event.


Flowers are offered to the Virgen de las Angustias and takes place next to El Cortes Ingles.

Granada Events and Festivals in October

Day of Hispanidad

Day of Hispanidad in the Royal Chapel and the Procession of the Virgen del Rosario from Sant Domingo Church.


Granada Jazz Festival

The Granada Jazz Festival takes place at different venues throughout the City each year.  There are also concerts in Alpujarra and Almuñecar.


Onwards – Nativity scenes throughout the City.

Church service and bell ringing at the church ‘Virgen de las Angustias’.

New Year celebrations throughout the city.