Small Island Developing States (SIDS) depend on imported food due to their remoteness, which makes them particularly vulnerable to price volatility and fluctuating availability of food. Therefore, it is crucial for SIDS to ensure the right of everyone to access safe, sufficient and nutritious food through sustainable agriculture, sustainable fisheries, and sustainable aquaculture. In addition, promotion of health food production and consumption is important to reduce risks by an unhealthy diet.

The SAMOA Pathway commits to support SIDS to encourage sustainable practices in agriculture industry for improvement of food and nutrition security as well as sustainable management of water resources; promote open and efficient international and domestic markets to support development of economy in the food industry; strengthen international cooperation for access to global food markets; create rural income and jobs; eradicate malnutrition in all its form; enhance resilience of agriculture and fisheries particularly to the effect of climate change; and support sustainable food production systems through international technical cooperation