Small island developing States have sought to address the challenges they face in capacity development through an integrated approach involving governments, civil society and the private sector. Despite improvements in access to education in SIDS, this area must remain a long-term focus in terms of both access to, and quality of, education. This is particularly pertinent bearing in mind the young demographic of many SIDS. Efforts to develop educational capacity may take place within the traditional schooling system, but they can also extend towards technical and vocational education, and also through distance-learning methods. A level of emphasis placed upon the presence of social vulnerabilities (including health, culture, and gender equality) that confront SIDS is also necessary to improve their capacities. The basic principles and specific actions that are required at the national, regional and international levels to support sustainable development in small island developing States in the area of sustainable capacity development and education for sustainable development are outlined in Chapter 14 of the MSI.