Saba Marine Park

Saba Marine Park, officially declared a national park in 1998, is involved with the protection of coral reefs. Diving is considered to be one of the most important economic activities on the island, and many businesses on the island (taxis, hotels, restaurants, dive operators…) benefit from the Park.

The Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) is a non-profit foundation established in the Netherlands Antilles and governed by a board of directors. On behalf of the island‘s government, SCF is responsible for managing the Marine Park and other nature areas around the island.

The park follows a legislative code in order to conserve and preserve the natural environment.

This code states what is sustainably appropriate and inappropriate in regards to the environmental conditions of the Park. It also defines environmental terms so visitors can properly define and understand these codes. The following states a few of the regulations found in the code:

Activities which are harmful to the marine environment are not permitted in SMP;
It is prohibited to kill, break, catch or collect corals or other bottom dwelling invertebrates and plants on the sea floor;
It is prohibited to discharge any substance in, or flowing out into the SMP, with the exception of fish, fish parts, chumming material, cooling effluent and effluent of marine sanitation devices of vessels;
Developments or modifications of the coastal zones which may influence the marine environment of SMP must be preceded by an independent environmental impact assessment.


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