Cruz Verde

Cruz Verde a Small Town Wonder

Cruz Verde, a small Dominican town, is rich in culture and environment. The people of Cruz Verde are very concerned with preserving their culture and environmental resources. The community decided to seek help from outside sources to create a conservation plan. A German Foundation called Friederich Naumann stepped in with a sustainable community concept.

The foundation has changed the outlook of the village tremendously. They informed the visitors about basic worldwide environmental concerns, as well as teaching the villagers basic concepts about preserving the environment. Friederich Naumann also analyzed their organic agricultural techniques, and assisted them with obtaining funds and loans for ecological projects-like the ecological center that was established in their town. The foundation has also made the town aware of alternative energy resources and recycling.

However, the most important thing that evolved from this situation is the fact that Cruz Verde now has specific goals focussing on conserving their environment while boosting their economy.

The town has devised a tour for travelers. A traveler going to Cruz Verde will be able to experience the real Dominican countryside lifestyle, as well as the Dominican ecosystem. On these tours, participants will be involved in a visit to the Bucaro Ecological Center, the Organic Sugar Cane Processing Plant and Farms, and even a real Dominican woman’s home, where visitors will be able to sample foods, view her crafts, and get a real feel for “campo” life.

The proceeds of the tours will go back to the community, into the Cruz Verde Foundation.



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