Vanuatu is a chain of islands shaped like a ‘Y’, extending about 1176km in a north-south direction and placed between equator and tropic of Capricorn. It is closest to the Solomon Islands in the north and is also neighbored by New Caledonia towards south-west and Fiji to the east. The capital of Vila is about 1900km from north-east of Brisbane, Australia. The main Vanuatu airport is located here, making it accessible to the other nations. Vanuatu has more than 80 islands with a population of around 200,000 people.
Vanuatu weather is very warm, and you get to see lush tropical bushes everywhere. The summer rains make it greener, and they are followed by beaches, coloured in black or white sands. There are interesting coral reefs which make the waters pleasant to swim and snorkel. These islands are known for their nut growth, and you’d get numerous types here. From coconuts to peanut and navel nuts you have a lot to choose from, as the fertile sole and weather, adds to eat vegetation.
Vanuatu facts, through archaeological researchers, indicate that human beings have lived here for over 3000 years now. New Guinea happened to be the first to colonise Vanuatu. Crossing over from one island nation to another was long and dangerous, and the canoes included animals and plants as well. Migration was frequent until people started settling down. By the end of the 1800s, French and British had settled in the islands and signed agreements to make it a condominium. The nation got independence at 1980, but by then, the blend of cultures had made it quite cosmopolitan. The islands are known to have over 20 major languages, out of which Bislama, English and French are most commonly known. There are more than 115 mother tongues, which the locals commonly use among themselves.
The traditional cultures have been kept intact by the Melanesian people. It is not only about rituals, ceremonies and traditions, but the entire way of living, which is reflected on to how they interpret a situation, when occurred. The customs and traditions date back to centuries, and they ensure on showing respect with other communities. Their customs are reflected during the regular celebrations and events they go through, for example, marriage ceremonies, death rituals, etc. They have law and order which they strictly maintain for these. People generally resolve disputes peacefully by sorting out matters, and by exchanging gifts like foods, mats and pigs!
Vanuatu tourism will take you through the lovely islands, coral reefs, two colours of sands, volcanic landscapes, quiet beaches, friendly locals, fresh seafood, tranquil waters, economic stays, luxurious Vanuatu resorts and all the amenities that you’d need for vacationing at an island. Let us read through the top things to do and places to visit ay Vanuatu, so that you can make the most of your tour.

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