This is an island nation, located in the South Pacific Ocean, and falls under the Polynesian territory. The population of the people is around 185,000, but many shift abroad for better opportunities. This island nation is halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. It has narrow coastal plains and comes with volcanic rugged mountains in the interior. The two main islands here are Upolu and Savaii. Upolu has an airport, which makes connectivity easier to all other parts.

The islands are serene yet spirited, they have their wild sides with well-maintained tourist’s locations, perfect for quietness but had volcanic origins – all these make it a paradisiacal paradox! The intense beauty of nature blended with iridescent seas, crystal waterfalls and jade jungles, make it a humble place and cut you out from commonly seen mega-resorts or flashy attractions.

Geographically and culturally, this nation is referred to the heart of Polynesia. Although the missionaries at the 1800s were pretty influential, the country still clung to Fa’a Samoa (the Samoan Way), and this is why it still retains the authentic and traditional side to Pacific societies. Despite its isolation, this nation is accessible to adventures! From the relative ruckus of Apia to the solitary times at Savai’i, you will have a nice experience to go through the best of both.

The climate in these islands are tropical and come with rain, sometimes a little of cyclones too. The wet months are from October to March, while the May to October is dry. The average temperature all through the year is 26.5° Celsius. This makes it a great time to tour during the winters, for the people living in the southern hemisphere.

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