Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent & The Grenadines is one important destination in the Caribbean Islands. The island country comes with lush tropical rainforest and tons of ecological adventures. They offer idyllic beaches, turquoise lagoons, coral reefs and varied landscapes. If you are looking for a typical tropical paradise for scuba diving, yachting and relaxing, you could surely have SVG islands on your list. Escape from the hectic lifestyle and tour through a dream-like island destination. Visitors agree that it indeed gives a ‘Vincy’ experience!


Carib Indians originally occupied St. Vincent and later the Europeans arrived. Columbus had explored the place in 1498, and there are several artefacts to exhibit that time. Britain and France took over, and St. Vincent was proclaimed to be the British colony in 1763. By 1773, the island separated between Caribs and British, and conflicts persisted. In 1776, the Caribs revolted and couldn’t succeed. The British deported many of them to the Gulf of Honduras, while African slaves were brought here for sugarcane cultivation. After centuries of unrest, they finally received independence in 1979. The islands came under West Indies Associated States and were free from all slavery.


St Vincent and the Grenadines weather is hot and tropical all year round. The average hours of sunshine remain consistent although the months and temperatures reach around 30°C. The climate slightly varies at the southern islands, as they are drier and warmer than the ones in the north. February to April marks the driest months, while June to November is slightly rainy. You can expect hurricanes during the rainy months, but they rarely have major ones that leave a bad impact. However, tropical storms are common at most times. To sum up, the best time to come to SVG islands is from May to June, and again in November.


Tourism is one of most significant game changer in their economy. The high accessibility to Grenadines through several established airports are another reason why tourists frequent the islands. These islands are known for their coral reefs and beaches, which lead to several activities and fun. People, who love to go fishing and yachting, are conventional cruisers. They are also a part of the Caribbean, which itself increases interest.

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