Niue, pronounced at ‘New-ay’ translates to mean ‘behold the coconut’. It is probably the world’s smallest independent nation. It is referred to ‘Rock of Polynesia’, which is packed with plenty of surprises for bold travellers. The island sits in the middle of the trio islands of Samoa, Tonga and Cook. They have rugged terrains which encourage adventurous people, to put on their hiking boots and start exploring.

You need to walk, climb and swim through the best attractions which hug the outrageously scenic perimeter of Niue. You can also hire a rented car or bike to explore some of the numerous caves and other inland attractions.

Some more South Pacific island groups, for example, Vava’u group at Tonga, can be spotted with humpback whales from June to September, just as you get at Niue. The warm waters make them swim in but stay on the deeper sides of the waters. Tourists, who can dive deep, can be lucky to go past them. Apart from these, kayaking, caving, fishing and guided hiking tours are also activities to try here. Apart from the coastlines, beaches and watersports, people like to go bird watching. They are catered with parakeets, white-tailed turns and more of exotic birds and butterflies. You might also spot some hibiscus and orchids.

The capital of Alofi is scarcely populated and stretches out several kilometres along the west coast. They have a reasonable budget for booking guesthouses, motels, plus cottages and resorts. Niue was the first free Wi-Fi nation which was offered in 2003. It’ll let all the tourists have their captures and uploads done quick! The island nation is an idyllic retreat from bustling modern cities and can be a great getaway.

Even though Niue is in a remote location, they are hardly short of tourists. There are regular flights from Auckland and are well connected to the trio of island nations around. There is an abundance of hotels to choose from, which leave all of them less crowded even with a lot of visitors. Even if you don’t get here during the time the whales migrate, you would still get to see some cetaceans and dolphins. The island is also at the tip of an undersea mountain, so heading offshore and taking a plunge will let you explore it. You can also catch some skipjack tuna, marlin and wahoo within sailing miles from the coast.

After all water activities, it is good to move to the centre to see the city streets, browse through ancient burial places, stroll by the trails amidst tropical rainforest and relax at sandy coves. You also get to play sand golf as it features a nine-holed golfed beach.

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