Grenada an island country, where the untouched beauty and the warm locals, make every tourist’s experience desirable. It is referred to the Spice of the Caribbean as they have an abundance of nutmeg and mace crop production. Visitors appreciate the stretches of white sands, sunken treasures decorated around corals, and unspoilt landscapes which brew in the adventure.


The Arawak Indians inhabited Grenada at first, but the Carib Indians took over after that. Columbus arrived in 1498 and encountered the Caribs. They ruled over the island for 150 years more, after which the French gained control and held it up to 1762. After this, the British had invaded, and the black slaves obtained freedom in 1833. The British ruled over 200 years, but Grenada finally received independence in 1974.


The best time to get to Grenada is in December. This month sandwiches between the end of rains and the beginning of winter. This is the peak season where you get bearable sunshine to relax by the beach. Like most of Caribbean, Grenada confronts more tourists from January to April than the rest of the year. Both air fares and room charges are high at this time, which is why it is better to have an advance booking. Summer and fall bring in regular rains and frequent hurricanes. However, if you can put up with the bad Grenada weather, you can get about 40% off on hotel rooms.


Tourists, coming to Grenada stress more onto coming towards the southwest corner. This is the best place for beaches and eateries. St George’s, the islands capital, also locate in this region and has proper connectivity with international flights. Some tempting solitary beaches situate on the indented south coast. There are tons of things to do and places to visit, so you need to have a proper itinerary set for you.

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