Cuba is an adventurous island to tour through, as you get a blend of shabby and neat, a mix of poverty and luxury. It makes your tour a roller-coaster ride as you go through several unexpected experiences. It is one of the best choices for passionate travelers, then people looking for a quiet getaway.


There is a lot of history at Cuba, as the colonial cities have preserved them over the years. The atmosphere and the architectural sites, especially at the UNESCO-listed cities, like Havana, Trinidad, Camagüey and Cienfuegos are must visits. They reflect the glory of the olden days as you walk through the cobbled streets and get intrigued by the tales of opulence. There are several ruins which await facelifts, and the cities of Havana and Trinidad have been worked on to maintain and exhibit their historical legacy and greatest achievements.

Although the arcs of white sand are sublime and attractive, exploring beyond the beaches of Cuba would let you experience a different domain. You go through the lands of fecund forests and swamps full of crocodiles. You’d explore a suburbia-free countryside while you go past the rugged mountains and hear about their revolutionary folklore.


The climate at Cuba is warm and tropical, and they have two distinctive seasons. The best time to tour is from December to May. At this time, you get a mix of dry and sunny weather with lots of blue skies and the sunshine. The rains start during June, and you are requested to avoid travelling from August and October. This time marks the chances of having hurricanes, but otherwise, they are as favorable as the other months. Risk takers can get here during that time, and get cheaper hotel check-ins!

Tourism in Cuba

After all, that tourists do and see through, what interests them the most at Cuba, is the busy atmosphere after sunset. It takes them through the locals and their lives lived out in the open. The unmistakable aromas of tropical papaya mixed with tobacco leaf, followed by their local cuisines to sample through, takes you a little closer into their lifestyles. The locals here and friendly and helpful, and you’d get to know more if you take an interest in their music.

  • The music of Cuba offers the best beats from African drum or Spanish guitars. The events which bring you to some local performances would brighten up your night. With well-marinated mixtures of cultures from the past 500 years, they have an addition of tribal music and some imported classics from Haiti, Jamaica, France and China. The eclecticism is reflected through their dance, music, architecture, language and religions, and enhances your travel experience.

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