Top 10 Things to do in Barbados

Barbados is a beautiful coral island, which had been pushed out of the sea, due to volcanic activities ages back. Geologically, this island is unique because two land masses had merged together with time, and that is represented as the Barbados Island today. Towards the west coast of the island, you get to see the coral shore beaches of white sand, and that stretches along the sea-green waters. The coral reefs fringe the shoreline and make it perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling. The east coast is pretty windy due to the trade winds, and the waters gush into the rocky shore, making the ambience very romantic. The constant trade winds make the island have a pleasant and mild tropical climate throughout.

The flat coral island has excellent beaches, and the surrounding is filled with hills. The deep ridges and gullies make the entire area have diverse flora and fauna. Within the coral core, you get to see caves and underground lakes. The drinking water obtained here is one of the purest in the world. Coming to this island will let you indulge in lots of activities, like art, history, music, nightlife and food. But the most important part which lets visitors return time and again, are the locals. The Barbadians referred to Bajans, are friendly and warm people who always greet you with a smile. They welcome you in a way that you fall in love with this Caribbean Island!


The island usually experiences two seasons, and one of them has noticeably high rainfall. The ‘wet season’ runs from June to November, while the rest of the year has the ‘dry season’. The average temperature ranges from 21 to 31 degree Celsius during the wet months and 23 to 31 degree Celsius during the dry months. According to the Koppen climate classification, Barbados is known to have tropical monsoons. Although, the gentle breezes make coming in at 12 to 16 km/h makes the island moderately tropical. Tropical storms and hurricanes are common during the rainy season, which is why visitors are advised to check the probable weather forecast while planning their tour.

Top Things to do in Barbados

This white-sanded paradise has a lot to offer, making it have a lasting impression on the visitors. From the kind climate to the hospitable people, their culture, and finally the amazing variety of food and drinks, you can have nothing to complain about! Let us read through the best of the things to do while touring Barbados Island:

Walking through Bridgetown:

Apart from having numerous markets and shops around, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has fantastic historic places to explore. Highlights, to not miss out on, are the National Heroes Square, St Michael’s Cathedral Bridgetown Jewish Synagogue and the Parliament Buildings. All of these are accessible on foot and will need half a day for a proper tour. By the eve, try out a refreshing rum punch by the harbour and watch the fishermen’s sail by.

Visiting Garrison Savannah:

This is a historic military base which also talks through its architectural splendour. It is worth taking one day to explore, as there is so much to see. The lovely Matthias Church located here was once used by the British Forces. Go through the St Ann’s Fort and then the Savannah racecourse as well.

Exploring the flora and fauna:

From the botanical garden of Andromeda to the lush oasis of Hunte’s, Barbados is heaven for all nature lovers. The dense Caribbean jungles have leafy paths full of tropical plants. The Hunte’s Garden is pretty enchanting and greets visitors with rum punch and alluring stories of nature. Opting for a day tour to visit Welchman Hall Gully could also be pretty exciting. It is a tropical forest cave that homes over 2,100 exotic plants and species. They have green monkeys which make the visit all the more tempting. Harrisons Cave located nearby unveils stalagmites and stalactites which date 1,000 years back. If you get anywhere near the Queen’s Park, you must hop into just see the magnificent Baobab Tree. It is easy to spot since it is the largest tree on the island. It would take about 15 people to stretch their arms around the trunk to complete its. The lovely tree looks like it has come out from an imaginary story book.

Eating local delights:

Trying the island’s soul food is the must, irrespective of whichever part you visit. The street food offers the best macaroni pie and fried chicken. Speightstown homes a Fisherman’s pub to get you some authentic delights and see how lives of the locals closely. There is a ‘no-frills locals’ spot’ where you get the best preparation of flying fish, along with traditional delights of cou-cou and pepper pot. If you want something upscale, try out The Cliff. It is celeb spot at St James and Daphnes. The waterfront restaurant at Paynes gives you amazing seafood, fusion cuisine, and comes with a romantic setting.

Drinking the Bajan Sprit:

You’d definitely miss out on a lot if you don’t sample the famous tipple. Take a tour around Mount Gay Rum Distillery and let it reveal the fascinating insight into the real identity of the island. Smell the aroma as you pass by the huge vats of molasses and then sample through some aged rum blends. You could also visit the Foursquare Rum Distillery which homes Rum Sixty Six! Modern centres, like Malibu Visitor Centre, are worth the try too. They offer coconut-flavored Malibu by the panoramic Brighton Beach front.

Visiting the home of sporting heritage:

Popular sports of the island include horse racing, polo and car rallies. However, visiting the Sir Garfield Sobers stadium will ensure you about the reigning sports here. The historic Kensington Oval at Bridgetown is like the ‘Mecca’ or cricket. This was once a plantation house but is now an ultra-modern stadium. From the statue of Sir Garfield Sober to the rum-swilling crowds, they have some of the best cricket actions to offer.

Witnessing the Carnival:

If you visit the island by the end of July and early August, you can be a part of their main carnival. From wealthy costumes, street food to vibrant hearts, you see to see the island at its best. When the lively atmosphere is blended with the perennial warm breeze, it becomes all the more intriguing. This carnival is known as ‘Crop over’ festival and it has been followed since the 1870s. This main revolves around sugarcane harvest.

Experiencing Lime:

Lime is referred to a party which the Bajan people indulge in. The best place for Lime is at Oistins Fish Fry held every Friday and Saturday. This is a fish market, where the fishermen bring their daily catch. By the night, the atmosphere converts to party-like. People play Calypso music and dance on the stage. While some stall sells arts and crafts, the other sells Bajan BBQ food. Most locals like to head towards Lawrence Gap afterwards, this tends to be an after-party from the various clubs and bars they choose from.

Visiting Speightstown:

The Arlington House, is a popular 18th-century architecture, at Speightstown. It is a quaint port similar to Reading in England. There are interactive exhibitions in three floors where you get to see fascinating videos about the Bajans and learn about slave trade history, pirate tales of trading past, sugar cane production, etc. There is an onsite café and shops for souvenirs which makes it a perfect family outing! Stroll around the town thereafter and watch the charm of the colonial buildings.

Catamaran Trip:

To have the ultimate Caribbean experience, you can try out the Virgins Ahoy trip, for crewed catamaran rides along the West Coast. Venturing below the waters could be a great idea since Barbados is great for scuba diving opportunities. You might see some shipwrecks, hawksbill turtles, sand eels, sea horses and some more of marine animals you didn’t know about!

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