Americans residing on the eastern coast, flee to Aruba during the winters, making it one of most favoured tourist’s spot in the southern Caribbean. This isn’t surprising with the miles of beaches, numerous package resorts and the compact main town of Oranjestad. A lot of day-tripping cruise-ship passengers frequently travel in here, and their initial activity is to stroll by the waters for an hour! Going towards the interiors, lets you explore more of what the island has to offer. They have extreme rugged ends, windswept vistas and lowly crowded beaches.

The South Americans easily get here as it is located 15 miles north of Venezuela. The island is a 2 hour flight away from Miami and Florida, which flocks in visitors from United States and Canada. The island is frequent with Europeans travelers as well, and they all love to enjoy the hurricane-free skies along with cool trade winds.

Since the island is located 12 degrees 30′ north of Equator, the weather stays tropical but not extreme. The average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius. Due to the trade winds, basking under strong sunrays get tolerable, although you shouldn’t forget to apply the SPF creams! The tropical climate calls in to wear comfortable summer attire, along with light evening clothes for dining at a restaurant or visiting nightclubs.

Deciding the perfect time to travel will be depended on what you look for. People flying from cold climates make this place crowded and expensive. If you look for lesser crowd and lower prices, coming here any time from April to December will be good. Septembers bring reduced trade winds which slightly increases the temperature. Most of rainfalls are experienced from the months of October to January.

There are several places to sightsee – enough to pack you with a minimum of a 3 week vacation. The best attractions are surely the big beaches, featuring all the amenities you expect. They are long, relaxing and active. There are several attractive sites, natural attractions, historical sites and museums, to explore the rich culture and heritage of the island.

One more reason to plan your vacation in Aruba is the events that take place. The island is full of several musical events, but the best event to be a part of, is the Carnival at Aruba. It takes place between January and March, and brings in weeks of festivities, contests and parades. These are inclusive of music, dancing and eating local cuisine.

The locals in Aruba have a diverse background. They are well read, friendly and known for their hospitality. The Arubans are generally a mix of Caquetio Indian ancestry, along with African and European roots. Their gastronomic delights have been contributed and influenced from Holland, South America and other Caribbean islands. Some dishes are prepared only during special occasions, but can be sampled at authentic local restaurants.

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