Nauru Top Tourist Attractions

Nauru’s Top Attractions

With the history of the island and its economic downfall it seems that there is nothing much that the island can offer the traveller, but for the curious, it is worth a visit.  But be warned there is little or no tourist infrastructure and hotels are not particularly inviting.  Off-shore diving is not a sport that can be enjoyed and there are no facilities.  Bathing and surfing along the coast are dangerous pursuits as there are strong

underwater currents and at times enormous waves appear without warning.  However, a deep sea fishing charter is really worthwhile and avid fishermen do come to the island with just that in mind.

Top things to do in nauru sidsnet
Top things to do in nauru

The 19km (12 miles) long sealed road that circles the island has a few minor roads running off it leading to the Central Plateau and the phosphate mining area.


Yaren District - Nauru Top things to do
Yaren District – one of the Nauru Top Attractions

The largest community on the island is concentrated in the Yaren district and it is considered the island’s capital.  The island’s airstrip is here as well as the Parliament buildings and police station.  The Nauru International Airport that has regular flights to and from Brisbane, Australia is also in this district.

Buada Lagoon

Buada Lagoon nauru Top attractions
Buada Lagoon One of the Nauru Top Attractions / Photo Credit :

This lagoon boasts the most vegetation on the island with Palm trees predominating.  It is a freshwater lagoon but unfortunately the water is not suitable for swimming as there are no inflows of fresh water, although it is nonetheless a popular picnic spot.  The lagoon has a depth that increases from 78 to 256 feet.

Moqua Caves and Moqua Well

Moqua Well and Moqua Caves Nauru
Moqua Well and Moqua Caves Nauru

The well was the main source of drinking water during the Japanese occupation.  Both the well and the caves are near to the Nauru International airport but are not easy to access as a fence has been built across the entrance to the well.  The ancient limestone caves, however, can be accessed and are just a short walk from the Parliament buildings in Yaren.

Anibare Bay

Anibare Bay nauru top attractions

A romantic moonlit sight if you are into photography and by day the most beautiful of tropical beaches with its white coral sands ringed with palm trees stretching around the coast for more than a mile.  Swimming and fishing are best done from the safety of Anibare Harbour built by the Japanese in 2000.

Command Ridge

Command Ridge nauru attractions

Standing at 213 feet it is the highest point on the island.  Here the Japanese kept watching over the island during their occupation in WWII proof of which is still to be found in the two rotating six-barrel guns and single communications bunker at the summit.  You can hire a car to reach the summit or undertake a not-too-taxing hike.

Central Plateau

Central Plateau
Photo Credit : John14450 @ TripAdvisor

The Plateau covers the uninhabited phosphate mining interior of the island which islanders call ‘Topside’.  If you venture here you will have the surreal feeling that you have landed on the moon as it is filled with craters and peaks without a sign of life for miles.

The President of Nauru, the Hon. Baron Waqa, started a project to rehabilitate the Central Plateau and islanders are optimistic of their future as signs of returning vegetation is becoming apparent over some of ‘Topside’, but right now Nauru is not the most tempting of tourist destinations.

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