Top things to do in Jamaica

The lovely island of Jamaica is coupled with lush, verdant mountains and smooth blue seas. But the best way to tour Jamaica is to know the top things to do and the top places to visit. Scroll through the best list of the 10 top things to do in Jamaica along with the top attractions to explore this unique beauty:

Eat lobsters at Booby Cay Island:

Booby Cay Island jamaica Attractions sidsnet 1
Booby Cay Island jamaica Attractions

The famous Seven Mile Beach at Negril comes with golden-hued beauty and teems with tourists. It’s nice to escape by a boat in an afternoon to get to the nearby Booby Cay. Booby Cay Island a tiny island situated off Negril’s eastern end. It is apt for snorkelling while the purples waves make the winds blow. Settle for having some delicious lunch, and order some grilled lobsters crackling on the fire.

Swim by the Frenchman’s Cove:

Frenchman's Cove Jamaica
Frenchman’s Cove Jamaica / Photo Credit:

There is a small river which flows into the sea, at the Frenchman’s Cove, located near Port Antonio. It is fed by clear waters from the natural spring and makes one of the best places to swim in Jamaica. As you see the tides ebbing, the river floats you towards the warmer sea waters. You might also relate the experience with a natural aqua therapy session.

Glow at Glistening Water:

Glistening Water uminous lagoon jamaica
Glistening Water luminous lagoon / Photo Credit:

You might have seen the phenomena of bioluminescence in the oceans before, but we are sure that this experience is going to be better than ever. This place is one of the least publicised places in Jamaica, but should be among the top attractions. Head out as the sunsets for taking a five-minute boat ride from the old school marina close to Falmouth. The ride will take you through glowing bright green and blue waters, and you’ll spot dinoflagellates (tiny marine plankton). You can also opt to get into the shallow waters for a swim. Have some photographs clicked, as you turn into Tinkerbell, with a trail of light around you?

Snorkel the cliffs by the Rockhouse:

Scenic cliffs of Negril's Pristine Cove in Jamaica
Scenic cliffs of Negril’s Pristine Cove in Jamaica Photo Credit:

The limestone cliffs on the West End of Negril are lined with hotels, which overlooks a sapphire sea. No other places, gives you a luxurious touch with the feeling of Robinson Crusoe’s discovery, better than the Rockhouse. You can take a couple of days to stay at a standalone premium villa here. These are made of timber and stone and have thatched roofs. They give lovely sunset views and privacy. The outdoor showers are another tempting venture.

Taste farm-to-fork dishes near Negril:

Foods to try in Jamaica
Photo Credit:

Jamaica is famous as an agro-tourism retreat which operates by the rolling hills at the outskirts of Negril. Tour the lovely lands of Zimbali where you’d get everything from sorrel, callaloo, lychee to bok choy grow. After this, get to a convivial bar to order a five-course meal in front of your eyes. Some lovely dishes to try are curried shrimps and coconut sushi.

Visit Rose Hall Great House:

Rose Hall Great House Jamaica
Rose Hall Great House / Photo Credit:

Moving on to top attractions to explore through, we ought to add the Rose Hall. It was built in 1770 and is a restored plantation house with pretty ocean views. The legendary Annie Palmer, known as the White Witch, had ruled here. She was known for her cruelty and died a violent death. Today, the place has been converted into a tourist’s spot, and visitors like to adorn the authentic furniture on the interior and the elegant architecture on the exterior. You can choose a day tour or experience a spooky candlelit evening visit, which is topped with tales of ghost sightings.


Panoramic view of the historic town of Falmouth
Panoramic view of the historic town of Falmouth

One of the perfect places to visit at Jamaica is Falmouth. It is surrounded by sugar estates and cattle lands and happens to be the best preserved Georgian town in the Caribbean. This place was once a leading port, and hold excellent examples of Georgian architecture, lasting from 19th-century. The courthouse has been well restored.

One prime tourist’s spot here is Greenwood Great House which was built in 1790. The museum has period furniture with rare collections of musical instruments and samples of Wedgwood China. The Good Hope Estate, established in 1755, was previously a coconut and sugar plantation. This too contains lovely furniture from that era. It has the first Caribbean hot water bath, built in the 18th century. It also has the old slave quarters and a renowned sugar mill with its watermill! The Half Moon Beach gives you the view of a peaceful crescent of sand, followed by coral reefs present offshore. The Luminous Lagoon is just towards the east and is named due to the eerie marine phosphorescence. Getting to Falmouth for a day tour would be a perfect getaway from the main cities.

Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park :

Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park
Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park / Photo Credit:

Gaze at the mysterious Blue Mountains and the John Crow Mountains National Park, which preserves and offers breathtaking mountain vistas, lush rainforests, waterfalls, exotic flora and fauna. It encompasses 200,000 acres of tropical rainforest and is divided into three sections of Portland Gap, Hollywell and Annotto Bay.

The park is a natural habitat for over 800 species of endemic plants and has more than 200 species of birds. They are also known to possess the world’s second largest butterfly population! The Blue Mountain Peak is accessible on foot or by mule and is Jamaica’s highest peak.

Black River Boat Tour and YS Falls:

The lower pool from the waterfall at Y S Falls, Jamaica
The lower pool from the waterfall at Y S Falls, Jamaica
Jamaica Crocodile on the shore of the Black River
Jamaica Crocodile on the shore of the Black River

The mangrove-fringed Black River homes crocodiles and has over 100 species of birds around. You’d be able to spot some herons and snowy egrets for sure. The visitors are allowed to tour on hired boats. They can also opt for running commentary on the ecology and history of the environment. The YS Falls have Jamaica’s biggest and least commercial cascades. The tourists love to play like Tarzan on ropes and indulge in some time of swinging in the air and plunging into the pool. Canopy rides and river tubing are available too.

Martha Brae River:

The view of Martha Brae river with a raft in a background, a popular tourist attraction in Jamaica
The view of Martha Brae river with a raft in a background, a popular tourist attraction in Jamaica

The Martha Brae River is another top attraction, which is mentioned here at last, but isn’t least! At the rafting villages, visitors glide down the picturesque stretch of the waters, by cruising on bamboo rafts. Local guides pole These for reliance. This would be a relaxing trip and a nice way to soak up some tropical scenery.

Map Of Top Things To Do In Jamaica

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