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The Small Island Developing States Network (SIDSnet), which has served as a resource and tool for information sharing for SIDS since 1997, is being revitalized as part of the larger project “Capacity Development through Education for Sustainable Development and Knowledge Management in Small Island Developing States (SIDS),” supported by the Government of Spain.  SIDSnet revitalized is SIDSnet transformed from an information website to a knowledge management platform with a focus on decentralized content management and stakeholder engagement.  The aims of SIDSnet are: to track international meetings related to SIDS, through a partnership with the International Institute for Sustainable Development, to contribute to filling gaps in data availability on sustainable development in SIDS, and to facilitate partnerships and motivate action in support of the sustainable development of SIDS.

SIDSnet responds to several critical challenges faced by small islands including: remoteness; isolation and geographic dispersion; poor connectivity and data management; limited human and technological capacity; and the need for greater international recognition and assistance in reducing SIDS’ economic and environmental vulnerability.

SIDSnet has been a valuable tool for linking remote and isolated SIDS, where the technical expertise, education, and knowledge sharing facilitated by the site enhances the possibilities for improving welfare and reducing poverty through innovation, expanded national capacity, and the better use of scarce resources.


SIDS Unit Projects

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SIDS and Partners are encouraged to contact the SIDS Unit to actively participate in the design process in order to maximize the potential of this knowledge management platform and community for all stakeholders. Please contact the SIDS Unit by email to info@sidsnet.org to be included in further SIDSnet-specific updates and to obtain access to the site for evaluation purposes before its official launch.

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